Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Artifacts & Weapons Series

I wanted to start this post off with this screencap, one of my better screencaps of Medusa.

Since Playtime Event completed, I haven't done much leveling.  Katerinia (Pio Grandies) and Svensgaard (Lhote) haven't reached Master yet.  I managed to get one Hammer of Sloth out of 267 chances (leftover points after getting Lhote).

I tagged at Montoro this week.  This isn't the first time, but I still think tagging at Montoro is funny because my triple WC team isn't supposed to be able to do damage.  Maybe he was weak with envy of their rods.  :p

I added two more Basic Artifacts, now I have six.

Elite Black Rose ~ need to craft another pair of Roses to get Elite version: 14,000 Silk, 14 Head of Mantis, and 1 Vampire Heart to go
Elite Bloody Rose ~ have
Elite Selene's Memory ~ need to craft another pair of Selenes to get Elite version: 25,500 Soft Cotton Yarn, 95 Peace Insignia, and 18 Moon Piece to go
Elite Selene's Heart ~ have
Repairman's Nut ~ no plans to craft at this time
Repairman's Bolt ~ no plans to craft at this time
Arcard Piece ~ have
Eagle Eye ~ have
Sniper's Ring ~ have
Clover Locket ~ have (need to return 17 Royal Insignia)

Lately I've been having weapon envy...  I decided to put links of Weapon Series.

Elite Series
32AR Set of 11 - All

Golden Series
32AR Set of 4 - All

Serpent Series
32AR Set of 12 - All

Chess Series
32AR Set of 8 - All

Prison Series
32AR Set of 3 - None

Constellation Series
33AR Set of 29  - Lightning Bracelet, Pistol, Fire Bracelet
(now includes Rod, Pendent, Controller, Hammer)

Dragonic Series
32AR Set of 16 - All but Shield

Angel Series
33AR Set of 21 - Knuckle, Pistol, Rod, Crossbow, Gaiter, Sword, Rapier, Rifle, Special Rod, LOE Bracelet

Jewel Series
33AR Set of 22 - Pistol & Rod

Arcana Series
33AR Set of 18 - None

Mechanical Series
33AR Set of 12 - Greatsword, Dagger, Sword, Sabre, Bayonet, Pistol, Fire Bracelet, Ice Bracelet
(Knuckle, Crossbow, LOE Bracelet, Magic Scroll were not released under GamersFirst)

Fallen Angel's Curse Series
33AR Set of 18 - Blunt & Rod

Crystal Series
34AR Set of 21 - Rifle

Aristocrat Series
34AR Set of 22 - None

Evil/Strata Devil Series
34AR Set of 31 - Dagger, Main-Gauche, Ice Bracelet, Polearm  (yet to finish my TP Neph)
35AR Set of 31 - [top secret!]

Bristia Series
30AR Set of 25 - Greatsword, Gaiters, Tonfa, LOE Bracelet, Rod, Staff, Crossbow, Blunt
(not of any great mods, just that I got one)

Tyrant Series
35AR Set of ??? - Not available yet

Prospe Series
33AR Set of 27 - None

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