Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy One Year on T3Fun...?

I say that with hesitance.  :x

Today marks the one year of our transfer from GamersFirst to T3Fun (January 9th, 2013 8:00PM).  This is how that first day went for me.

I already rambled some things about life on T3.  I don't have much more to add, although it seems they are getting lazy since I've noticed that Lucky Shops, all four characters (Grandies, Ion, Veronif, Vincent) give the same rewards, they don't even bother to change it up or put any costumes.  Even the bonus rewards seem silly.  :p

Since the last post, I have obtained Lhote and named him Svensgaard.  Queen of Pioneering Grenmah also joined the family, her name is Katerinia, intended to be a variation of Caterina Sforza.  (Thank you!)  I added their Character Cards to the Tracker.  The addition of Svensagaard and Katerinia brings the number of characters in the family to one hundred and two!  (I just realized from looking at my Tracker...  I have yet to get Battle Medicine on my two Scouts!)

In other news, Francois (Ion) became High Master!  I was leveling Philip (Eduardo), Silvia (Selva), and Patricia (Idge) in hopes of getting them to become the next High Masters, however, due to a warring by an enemy clan, I've ceased afking where I was to avoid being PK'd.

Now I am sporatically leveling Reneia (Heyran), Sven, and Katerinia.  Depending on how things go, Reneia might be the next High Master.

After many, many, Lonely Musketeer hunts, enough Devil's Dream were accumulated to craft the recent Strata recipe.  \(^.^)/  Three more Stratas on wish list... a long ways to go.

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