Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adorable Bambi's Cottontail

Leveling Status: 26 characters to reach 135 (3 melee, 9 ranged, and 14 magic)
Family has reached 69... 75% to go until 70.  x_x

Poor Joey, so hard at work vesping others!
He's so tired he didn't even yell at me for calling him Joey.
JosephDominic: (z_z)

The Claire Carnation event gave me sets of symbols (not that I was short of symbols or anything) and 33 AR crystals, so I went ahead and crafted my third ever Constellation weapon (what a noob!): Cannon.  Enchantment Lady trolled me and gave attack speed with 3AR but no attack.  -_-#

When I took Lionel to the Claire Carnation the first time, he had this message.  He didn't show this message again the next time.  I never got around to taking Ludin in there though.  Wonder if she would have said something too.

I opened one of the Bellem Boxes I got and out came... another Bellem Box.  Like... really?  O_o;
I half expected another Bellem Box like a Russian Doll.

So... T3 issued a Montoro Package.  Since Valeria Vendetta Package came out in February and Sniper Bernelli Package came out last October.  I'm wondering if every three months they will come out with a new Package.  They need to make more older promo characters available.  :<

No news on the date of Armonia patch, but we already know Mireille is coming out soon.
Maybe after Montoro Package ends, so June 11th.

~( 'v' )~ *chirp*


  1. After Lionel's dialogue, I brought Ludin there, and Ludin+Lionel again... No further comments by the characters.

    1. That's too bad, I expected there to be a follow up message from Ludin, where she get gleeful about it, something along the lines of, "Thank you brother for bringing me here!!! <3"