Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anti Celery Protest

Progress report on leveling: 44 characters to level to 135 in the next 16 days.  Trying to make the best use of this short one week EXP Event.

Merger seems to have gone smoothly, at least for the Castillans, since none of my items went amiss and nobody wrote any nasty notes on the forum.

Trying to find an okay priced Shooter Claire to help with family level, since I don't think my current characters, even when maxed to 135 will reach Family 70 (still have two more levels to go).  I just don't like having doubles.  I already made an exception with Asoka for Mifuyu.  I had considered a Gracielo double for his Lightning counterpart, since it didn't seem like we would get him, but Ash pointed out he showed up in twGE...

Haven't taken any fun screencaps lately, because mostly been working on leveling.  So we're stuck with this oldie type screencap.

Emilia looks sad.  Kind of like me.

(; . ;)
 (    )o

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