Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Conspiracy to Poison Ferret to Death

Armonia 2 patch came out last week.

There were four segments of killing that were really obnoxious.
50 Werebear Mace
100 Bacchanalia Piece
100 Soul Stones in En Celar
100 Sweet Peppers in Latina

The drops were low on the first two and the second two were just, "Are we almost there yet?"  x_x
And then Sirius made you wait one day to squeeze and cook the peppers.  Really?  You suck!
We also had to get to the green beam twice.  Mobs hurt too much.  :\

But at least it's over and Laura recruited.
I pray Armonia 3 and 4 won't be so bad...
And I wonder who the last characters is for Armonia 5...  Anis?

One bit of personal exciting news...  I had a few Treasure Book of Heaven from my G1 days (don't know how I got them) and I got a Rabbit Pet Box out of it.  \(^.^)/

Screencap from awhile ago!

I don't have a name for the Rabbit yet!

Nikitia and Laura

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