Sunday, August 24, 2014


It's been nearly a month.  Just haven't been motivated to make a post.  ;_;

Crafted something though! :D

There's an event for Daria's costume... she's not a character I see people use much of... I wish T3 could give better Playtime Events.

We got another Cash Shop Teenager Twins...  Ludin as a teenager times two, just like Claire.  Teenage Claire got a costume too.

There's been news on Armonia Season 2 which will have Laura as new recruitable character (which reminds me I need to check if I have all the materials for her quest) and Season 3 will have Patrick.  A Cash Shop character named Jane who looks like she would be Rachel's cousin or something.  Japan has a special ninja character named Gin.  According to forum post, TearsOfBlood caught a Lightning Gracielo in Reboldeaux.

I guess for now it seems like the game won't end yet, in terms of content, since kGE is up to Season 3 with two more seasons left.  Never ending Cash Shop characters too.  Probably more twin girls coming up, like Kano and Rachel?!  Not sure about the player base on our server though.  We've been seeing migrations of players from sGE.

Today I'm featuring Cecile.


Rock on!


Ditzy Drunk

Tauriel and Legolas

Finally updated the Character Card and Stance Book post.

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