Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Years Pioneers!

Over Christmas, Zachary found two Christmas Seeds and planted them on his farm.

The presents were not what he expected.
"What?  A baby sister?!?!"

 Ghosts of Christmas past and future!

 Past, Present, and Future?

Max decided for 2015, he would turn over a new leaf.
He spent the last few hours of 2014 getting into fights.
("To get it out of his system", he said.)

Poor Ben wet his pants.
"Nooo!  Not my face!  Anywhere but the face!!!"

In the end, guys will be guys, besties.  ;p
"No use crying over spilled beers!"

Rolling in 2015 with an impromptu dance sequence!
(Correct, Ben didn't get a chance to change his pants.)

Peace out, adios 2014!

Max heads for another bar and nearly got tangled in a cat fight.

The year can't officially end yet until Max chills out with the ladies.

Will Max follow through with his New Year's Resolution?

"Ha!  Ye of little faith!"

"2015, are you ready for the new Maxillian?"  ;D

Best wishes for 2015!

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