Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Sirius, Laura, and Patrick!

Posing with friend at the beach!

Which later turned into an argument about whose pony was cooler.

When will this costume come out?  orz

Armonia 3 and Patrick quest was very annoying because of this boss!
I'm so sick of Armonia Gloria!

I like how his finger tips flame up.

Magnus: Hey!  ~.^
Patrick: Please stop, every time you make that pose you give me an ulcer...  :x

Finally got around to updating Character Card & Stance Book page (Laura/Saint Shot, Loretta, Heavy Stinger, Patrick/Inferno Guard).

Wish before the end of the year... to get my ferrety paws on a Cadet Lionel.  ; . ;

Next year... Armonia 4 and Final.  Anis' stance book will likely be a cash shop cow milker.


  1. nice blog! merry christmas!
    - GE EU player!