Friday, May 1, 2015

D-50 Countdown

Nineteen more days until the one month countdown to five year anniversary of playing this game.

I'm down to my last twenty five characters to level.  *huff*puff*
I will definitely make it to Family Level 76, but yet to see if I can make it to 77...  ;_;
Plans to add four more characters to the Barracks, so will see if that will help with reaching Family Level 77.

Our server got Armonia Episode 4 and Divine Hammer Bryan.
(Yes, we don't want Episode 5 to come so soon, but it sucks being behind the other servers.)
I haven't gotten around to starting creepy girl + bone head quest and the cash character is overpriced.

The last time I compiled the character icons was October 1st, 2014 (six months ago).  There were 126 characters at that time.
This image reflects 139, as there's no Bane Bernardo icon available yet on
It also does not include jGE's additional Jin and Mifuyu (or rather Asoka with brown hair).

My title D-50 is my way of copying D-27 which supposedly is 27 days until kGE's release of the red clad blonde girl + Vespanola.

50 for me meaning 50 more days until my 5 year anniversary.

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