Monday, August 10, 2015

Character File Project

I finished my character collection almost a month ago, but have been slowly leveling them up, I'm down to the last six...  >_<  I thought as a way to celebrate, I would put together my own Character Files.  Not the kind that talks about the characters' stats or their usage in PVP/PVE (plenty of sites/blogs/forums that do a good job of that), but rather, my own little created stories about their personalities and relations with other characters.

As well as gushing over the costumes I used to love!  Got to get back to my roots!!!  I started playing this game because I loved the character and costume designs.  I actually wasn't all that keen about amassing gears and going battling other players...  How did I end up where I am now?  (An unsolved mystery.  Not that I am by any means OP geared.)  Back then, just being geared well enough to finish a recruitment quest was good enough for me.  ^^;

Anyway, there's going to be some random stuff/inside jokes, but hopefully some of it will be funny enough and enjoyable read and maybe help readers recall their own experience with this game and the characters they love.  Since we're on this really bad recession of waiting for the next patch, I wanted to remember why I used to love this game.

The characters will be posted in trios and there will be forty seven posts.  Tonight I took out trio by trio and posed them (same pose) and screencapped.  I bet the few precious friends who were online, if they happened to be active, were probably wondering what was going on, I quartered nearly fifty times!  ;P

I always try to post at least one screencap in each post I make.  As a result of taking out all characters out of Quarters, I found half a dozen that were in serious need of praying at the Cathedral to get rid of that nasty curse.  I usually play this game in mid-quality settings so I don't eat up so much memory, but for this Project, I put it on high-quality settings. I never knew that there were all these sparklies near Anis or that when one level of the curse gets lifted, the characters get this blue spiral like a Level Up!

Borus, Camillia, and Riess
(I didn't purposely line them up like this, they were like this when they stopped running.)

See you daily for the next forty seven days...!  :3

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