Monday, August 17, 2015

Character Files: 019-020-021

Female Scout - Male Scout - Female Elementalist

This trio is part of the "Stock" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

019: Female Scout - Nadia

Nadia is kind and free spirited and is able to communicate with animals.  In her spare time, she designs clothing (nothing compared to Mia and Andre, but still good designs).

Blue Serpent costume is my favorite of the Female Scout.  The Rescue Suit is a close second!

I was looking for an elvish type name for her and Nadia came to mind.

020: Male Scout - Alberto

Alberto is a distant cousin of Nadia's and models the designs she creates (everything she designs looks good on him!).  He is a quiet fellow like his cousin.  Not much is known about either of them, though many have speculated that they are of elven blood because of their Powers of Healing.

His Capitaine costume is an equestrian attire.  It even comes with a riding crop!  This costume didn't come out during the GamerFirst era even though all the other ones did...  I had to buy it with my own Feso from the Character Book!  The hat had to be bought separately too.  D:  I just wanted to complete my set for the male stocks.  ;__;

His Shaggy Wolf hair made me think he must take great care with his hair, spending a lot of time shampooing and conditioning his hair with Alberto VO5.  I went with that name, minus the VO5.  ;3

021: Female Elementalist - Freesia

Freesia is the youngest of the members.  She is from a noble family and was very overprotected.  One evening, she ventured out on her own and was ambushed and kidnapped.  A red haired stranger heard her cry for help.  He brought her home safely.  She wanted to thank him with a kiss on his cheek, but she trembled.  The stranger understood her intentions and patted on her head, "You're welcome."  "I --"  "You'll grow up to be a fine lady, Free'cha*, and there'll be a lot of nice gentlemen to rescue you, you'll forget all about me."  He grinned at her and disappeared out of sight.  "No, I won't...  Mister Gracielo..."  *He called her Free'cha instead of Freesia.

Nana Artozeia costume screams out Greek Goddess.  The Female Elementalist has so many frigging costumes... which all pretty much shows us how well endowed she is.  :p  This one is one of the classier ones despite showing so much cleavage.  :p

Freesia is a type of flower.  I thought it would be a pretty name for the Female Elementalist.

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