Sunday, August 16, 2015

Character Files: 016-017-018

Female Musketeer - Male Musketeer - Hellena

This trio is part of the "Support" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

016: Female Musketeer - Katia

Katia graduated top of class from a prestigious Musketeer Academy and is junior to Brunie, whom she dislikes.  Katia had a crush on Ben (Male Elementalist), but Ben was chasing after Brunie.  Now she focuses on becoming an officer under Admiral Adriana.  (Ben caught Brunie kissing Soho and was broken hearted.  Soho, by the way, does not like Brunie, but prefers Emilia.  Story for another time!)

The Phi Rasto is actually the Greek Croma armor in costume form!  I wore it for the longest time to pretend that I owned a Greek Croma for Musketeer.  (I still only have one GC Musk.  :p )

Katia was named after a really nice and sweet coworker of mine from Brazil.  The way she pronounces her name is "ka-chi-ah", not "ka-ti-ah".

017: Male Musketeer - Etienne

Etienne and Katia are childhood friends, both orphans from the street.  When Katia got into mischief, he would take the blame and punishment in her place.  He protected her like a big brother, though he is the younger of the two.  In actuality, Etienne is the better marksman and should have been the top graduate, but he purposely pretended during the final examination that the wind caused his mark to be off so that Katia would receive the high score.  Both of them idolize Lionel.  Etienne thinks Ben is a jerk.

Oh my god!  The Male Musketeer!  He was my biggest crush in the Granado Espada!!!  XDDD  I love the Muskies in general and even started a I <3 Musketeers Fan Club!  LOL... thinking back on it, I was such a giddy little fangirl.  XDDD

Etienne looks smashing in his Capitaine costume!  <3

Etienne is named after my best friend at a previous company.  It wasn't intentional to be the same as Brunie's last name.  It's actually the French version of my friend's name.  His favorite book is The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and had intended to come play Granado Espada (but sadly never did), so I thought it was fitting to name my Male Musketeer after him.  :'D

018: Hellena - Claudia

As mentioned previously, Hellena was paired up with Lionel to do the sweeps on Faction Fight bosses.  Flare really helped a lot.  Claudia and Salvatore (Ralph) both spent some time in the Safe House.  During their stay there, they became close friends.  Most people think she's a ditzy blonde, but she's actually very cunning and observant.  She passes on a lot of information to Salvatore.

The Cattleya costume is just... lingerie fan service eye candy for guys.  :p

She just looked like a Claudia.

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