Thursday, August 20, 2015

Character Files: 028-029-030

Claude Baudez - Soho - Soho the Fighter

This trio is part of the "Repeats" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

028: Claude Baudez - Klaus

To be honest, I'm still not real clear on why Papa Claude was willing to adopt Baby Claire from Mama Grenmah...  And why he left her all alone in Auch.  Maybe because there are more kids her age there?  Like Rio and Lorch.  He got tucked with this grouping because later he gets a younger version of himself, Battlefield Claude.  Though I prefer the other name of Mercenary Claude.  He was pretty badass, but his eye injury eventually caused too much strain so he had to retire and make swords for others instead.

Musashi costume is quite fitting for Claude.

I happened to be reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events when I was looking for a name.  He is named after Klaus Baudelaire.

028: Soho - Nicolai

I had a friend who used to take their Soho to Circus because he could ET himself and use Arnis (but the Scout could do the same, so why don't people us them???).  Soho was a beach bum.  He had an awakening, but not a rude awakening, so he still runs around shirtless... that he had better make something out of his life.  He's just a total flake.  Brunie was sweet on him for awhile.  But some say she was just doing it to shake off that elegant lady reputation people keep throwing on her.  Or maybe it was just her way of shaking Ben (Male Elementalist) off her.  Being the silly button that Nicolai is, he didn't realize/feel like he was being used.  He just goes on his merry little life of helping people upgrade stuff with a dazed smile on his face.  He charges a cheaper price that members of the Upgrading Guild tried to ruffle him up one time.  M'Boma came to the rescue and he's been Soho's hero ever since...

Debauch costume makes him twin to Soho the Fighter.

I guess I thought Soho looked Russian and Nicolai sounded Russian to me... ^^;

030: Soho the Fighter - Felix

He is Soho's alter ego, his personality if he hadn't grown up on the beach playing guitar and playing chess with crabs.  He's Felicia's (Reckless Emilia) first experimental victim.  (In a way, she named him after herself...!)  She made him learn to use gaiter and knuckles.

He doesn't have a costume (does this make him naked?).

I was trying to follow naming convention I set for the old promo characters, it was supposed to be something with letters of STF or FTS, but couldn't come up with anything (unlike ETS/STE for Emilia the Sage who is named STElla).  I just decided to go with a male name that stated with F and Felix is pretty unique.

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