Friday, August 28, 2015

Character Files: 052-053-054

Catherine Torsche - Ania - Nar

This trio is part of the "Other" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

052: Catherine Torsche - Lavinia

The real Catherine is in da house!  She doesn't trust Grandies around Ion, even though Grandies swears there's nothing going on!

Naked female character...  Her costume looks too weird on her.

The good doctor must have been throwing darts at Shakespearean female names!  All his darling Catherines have names from The Bard!

053: Ania - Sonia

I was actually really glad they made a costume for her to remove the mask!  She passes information to Hellena who then passes on to Ralph.

Carumia costume, blue looks nice on her!

Removed the A- added a So- and and we get Sonia!

054: Nar - Pedro

Quiet big guy.  He cosplayed The Rock in the movie The Tooth Fairy with the blue fairy wings to a comic convention.  :O  Totally twin!

Carunis costume, also blue, but doesn't necessarily look good or bad.

Gave him a variant name from Brother Petros from Trinity Blood.

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