Saturday, August 29, 2015

Character Files: 055-056-057

Grenmah - Romina - Rescue Knight

This trio is part of the "Other" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

055: Grenmah - Eugenia

Hard to believe she used to be that red haired tight pants wearing lady!  Totally forgot why she ended up in Dino Land...

Why is it called Lord Plate?  Why not Lady Plate?

Eugenia is as masculine of a female name as I could come up with.  :x

056: Romina - Alexia

I actually don't know if I made her into an Flintmina or Equimina?  It's nice she can res and use a sword and rifle, but I still don't know what was the fuss about her.

Schwarseiz costume with Blaze Hair is still my favorite combination on Romina.

Slight masculine name, but still lady enough?

057: Rescue Knight - Aishia

See costume ramble below!

The only recruitable that does not have a costume to date.  Though if you think about it, a Romina costume would make her Romina!  She's the secret twin Romina doesn't want you to know about!

Actually a name of a classmate in six grade!

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