Saturday, September 5, 2015

Character Files: 076-077-078

Grandies - Adriana - Elisa

This trio is part of the "Viron" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

076: Grandies - Alicia

Dated Ion for while until she got her memories back, but she still has some feelings for him because he looks like his father when he was that age.  She still can't bring herself to tell Claire she's her mother, albeit clone of her mother, and of course she isn't going to convince Grenmah to tell Claire either.  Some things are better left unsaid.  :x  (Claire grew up though and more trouble ahead.)

De Lapith because she looks cool as a biker chick.

Alicia Silverstone, because she was Batgirl... and Cher from Clueless.

077: Adriana - Cecilia

Was the character I looked forwarded to when we were waiting for the transfer from GamersFirst to T3Fun.  My clannies all thought I was the first one to recruit her.  :p  Everyone was lazy to deal with the Viviana favor questing (back when it took 30 days or something).  She was the highest scoring Cadet at Musketeer Academy.  Her score is still unchallenged.  She has a lot of fans.  :)

I got her Sybis hair from costume event, but don't have a costume for her!

Sounds somewhat masculine, but still retaining femininity.

078: Elisa - Florencia

The ditzy kind of nurse who loves all her patients.  Sad love story but Ben (Male Elementalist) helped heal her heart a bit.  She's kind of attached to him now.  :x

Rose of Sonora kinda looks like sleep wear... got it during costume event.

After Florence Nightingale who is known for pioneering modern nursing.

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