Friday, September 4, 2015

Character Files: 073-074-075

Beatrice - Ludin von Hanen - Ion

This trio is part of the "Viron" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

073: Beatrice - Celestia

I love that she teases M'Boma and gets away with it.  She's weaved into a lot of questlines and I wish I knew why she's so connected to everything.  At one point I thought Leona was her love child with Pharrel because of that damn poster.  :p

Beatrice Summer Costume we got this some summer event ago.

She looks like a fortune reader and Celestia sounded like a fortune teller name.

074: Ludin von Hanen - Delia

Technically she's not recruited in Viron, but her big brother Lionel is there and you have to bring her back and forth.  It was because of her that Lionel's hair got scorched to the roots and he will never have his natural hair color ever again.  She's actually not his sister by blood.  His mother really wanted a daughter and one day his mother saw a stork fly by as they were returning home.  At their front door was a pink haired baby with mismatched eyes.  Lio picked her up and she torched him.  :p  Mother was happy to have a daughter though, regardless of this fire power.

Party Dress - Fire Ball, just like the female elementalist, this little girl is spoiled with tons of costumes.  I never bothered getting any, but this one came from the costume event, and actually the only one I did like, so it worked out!

She's named after Delia's, a teenage catalog clothing store.  Very fitting since she has so many clothes.

075: Ion - Francois

This guy is too nice.  He dated Grandies for awhile because she was going through an identity crisis, but it's gotta be pretty weird dating the clone of the woman your father had an affair with???  And Claire bear is his half sister?  And his own girlfriend forgot about him while she was under the influence of Montoro?  How does this guy not have a personality crisis of his own?

Ion Capitaine Costume, thank goodness for this costume.  I can't stand the blue hair and his tattered original outfit.  He looked like a pauper prince.  At least now he looks like he has his landed title restored and more respectable looking that maybe Papa Torsche will finally consent to let Catherine date him.

Francois because he looks French.

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