Thursday, September 3, 2015

Character Files: 070-071-072

Alejandro - Andre Janzur - Tora

This trio is part of the "Other" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

070: Alejandro - Maurice

I think he and Barrol are drinking buddies... beer bellies and greasy stains.  :x

Ali Baba costume could have done a better job of covering up that belly.  :x

Dunno, he looks like a Maurice.

071: Andre Janzur - Alfonse

Nothing to talk about about, move along.  :x

Spade Ensemble of Andre costume looks a bit like those Honor mobs in circus.  I feel bad for the rabbit atop his head.

This name is the lamest one I could come up with.  Recently a friend's sister named her son Alfonse and all I could do was cringe internally.

072: Tora - Reilly

The scariest kid before Berthe/Charles came long.  Murderous aura follows him wherever he goes.  Even Felicia doesn't want to make attempts to clone him...  He got put in this grouping because the prerequisites were the Lisa/Adelina friendship quests that you could do before we transferred from GamersFirst to T3Fun.  He saved Viki from being touched by Andre.  Andre seems fearless though, he's always trying to get Tora's measurements...  O_O

I don't have his costume, but I got the Assassin hoodie during the costume event.  Going all Assassin's Creed.  :p

Reilly simple sounded like a bad boy name to me.

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