Sunday, September 13, 2015

Character Files: 100-101-102

Cadet Elisa - Liung - Lhote

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

100: Cadet Elisa - Angelina

Another clone by Reckless Emilia for the dark side.

Black and white goes well together.

Because she's an angel nurse?

101: Liung - Shane

I kind of wonder if he's Gracielo's brother from another mother?

He doesn't have any costumes!

Shane sounded like a good trouble maker name.

102: Lhote - Svensgaard

Not sure how Vikings have anything to do with Granado Espada, but who knows, maybe they will expand to Scandinavian like map?

No costumes for him either!

Svens was the name of a penguin doodle... adding "gaard" just made it sound Vikingish!

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