Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Character Files: 106-107-108

Valeria Vendetta - Spy Olivia - Friede Beckerath

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

106: Valeria Vendetta  Lindsia

Reckless Emilia's successful clone.  This one was funded by Marchetti (through research grants from the government of Kielce - just don't let Kess know about this!).  :o  Dark and depressed, she seems to have channeled the murderous intent aura from Tora!  Marchetti feels bad now that he (through Reckless) created a monster who is now rambling in Granado Espada killing people.

Wild Darkness with sunglasses.  Nothing like your pure little princess!

Because she looks like a drunk and drugged up Lilo (Lindsay Lohan).

107: Spy Olivia - Faoria

Heiran told Veil about Reckless' cloning business and he decided to fork up some money (he quit smoking, so he has money saved up from that, he normally would waste it on drinking all weekend, but he figured what better way to spend his stipend from Kielce than getting his very own Olivia clone?).  This was a fairly successful experiment, but she still wouldn't give Veil the time of day.

No costumes.  Veil likes the tight leather look.  :o

Named after Faora from Man of Steel.  (Go Google this, you'll see why.)

108: Friede Beckerath - Kerrigan

Our second lute player who is a boy but looks like a girl.  Maybe his parents were pulling a Bruce Lee, dressing him up like a girl to keep the evil spirits away?  I should get a screen capture of all three lute players.  Give us a concert... featuring classical, rock, and Caribbean?

I don't have his costume yet

Somewhat gender neutral name.

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