Monday, September 14, 2015

Character Files: 103-104-105

Queen of Pioneering Granma - Sniper Bernelli - Cherlyn

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

103: Queen of Pioneering Granma - Katerinia

This one of the Grandies clones.  She started to age into the Grenmah that we know of.  But it still doesn't explain what caused her to get the eye patch!

She's wearing Grandies Summer costume.  Last chance to look young and pretty before getting old and moldy!

Named after Caterina Sforza (a real historical figure) from Trinity Blood.

104: Sniper Bernelli - Heidia

A clone of Grace, created by Reckless Emilia's experiments.  This one was funded by none other than Heiran (from spare money made from her bar).  Heiran wanted to own her very own Gracie!  :O

No costume for her.  I don't like the weird upper arm puffs though!

Her braids made me think of Heidi.

105: Cherlyn - Volania

Fire golem girl from the old days of Viki recruitment quest.  There's a bonus quest when you create her and you can get a free (non tradeable) magic scroll.  Seems she had some history with Beatrice.  I think this is the only promo character that you get a special quest.

Her pokadot bikini was just so unattractive, even though I have it, I don't have her wear it.

Because she's got a lava golem, I figured naming her Volania would be fair.

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