Friday, September 18, 2015

Character Files: 115-116-117

Rachel Sheffield - Illusion - Levin

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

115: Rachel Sheffield - Lilliania

Kano's little friend.  She doesn't cost vis, just real money.  :p  Kids these days.  Expensive to raise!  Where was this little girl to play with Kano when she was going through depression?  Why did they throw Kano at JD?  JD ends up having to babysit both of them.  One time Kano got jealous because Rachel went to play with Dolores and Lorraine, but she wasn't invited.  They started to fight each other with weapons and JD got in the crossfire and was sent to the hospital (they even had to hire Rosa to play music in his room, actually Kano got really jealous then because she thought Rosa was too pretty and was going to steal her big foster brother away).

Pretty Noble because blue looks better than green.  GO BLUE!

Lillian is a cute little girl name.

116: Illusion - Violetia

Illusion used to be a Scout class citizen, but she learned magic tricks and spent her time in shady places of Kielce and collected information and became an informant to the Kielce army.  She has red eyes and white hair... top secret... she can transform into a rabbit at the first sign of danger!

Her Magic Party costume set was very rare (before Lucky Shop event), I didn't get one.

Because of her costume having purple, I named her Violet.

117: Levin - Lucius

Levin is really... a male clone of Grandies?!  Nobody really knows and nobody really dares to ask.  He is extremely devoted to Montoro.  But his loyalties gets tested when Snowflake Montoro comes along...

No costumes exist for him.  If anyone designed one, it would probably end up with him being shirtless with blond hair and he can go all Fabio, I can't believe it's not butter.

Despite not having blond-white hair, I named him after Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter.

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