Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Character Files: 127-128-129

Loretta - Cadet Lionel - Elizabeth

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

127: Loretta - Sarabia

Lawless girl who carries a whip!  She was caught by Lionel for stealing, but she pleaded that she will change her ways and he became her probation officer.  She developed a crush on him.

No costumes for her!  Goes well with white Lionel though!

Named after the "international" airport in Torreón, Mexico.  ("International" Only because it gets two flights a day from Texas...)

128: Cadet Lionel - Zachary

Loretta's crush on Lionel got so bad that she asked Reckless to clone him!!!  Unfortunately, the version she got was the one that just gotten scorched by Ludin and he's a bit of a spaz.

No costume for him!  Goes well with black Loretta though!

Zachary because he's a rebellious teenager.

129: Elizabeth - Claricia

Self proclaimed painter from Kielce, who decided to change her name -and- her hair color to see if she can make it big in Granado Espada.

I -could- consider getting her the Painter's Beret, but eh, it looks weird.  She looks like Grumpy Cat.

Named after Claricia a 13th-century German illuminator

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