Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Character Files: 130-131-132

Snowflake Montoro - Dolores - Lorraine

This trio is part of the "Promo" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

130: Snowflake Montoro - Terrence

Montoro decided to clone himself and make a snow version since watching Cherlyn with her snow-self.  As a kid, he was never allowed to play outside in the winter, and he thought this would be his only chance.

He has an Ice Crown, but it just looks like a big blue bump on his head, thanks but I'll pass.

Terrence to go with Trevor.

131: Dolores - Karen

One half of the rabbit twins.  She's always on a sugar high!  Best friends with Rachel and invites her to sleep overs, but always forgets to invite Kano.

Blueberry Hat

Japanese name, Karen is 華蓮 (beautiful/elegant lotus) (ka-ren, not care-ren)

132: Lorraine - Naomi

One half of the rabbit twins.  Has a crush on JD.  Kano doesn't like this at all, added to the fact that they don't invite her to sleep overs!

Strawberry Hat

Japanese name, Naomi is 直美 (straight beauty) (na-o-mi, not neigh-oh-me)

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