Thursday, September 24, 2015

Character Files: 133-134-135

Divine Hammer Brianne - Bane Bernardo - Rigel Sirius

This trio is part of the "Other" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

133: Divine Hammer Brianne - Harmonia

Divine Hammer, the girly version of Brianne before she turned tom boyish.  You have to blame Bane for this.  He broke her heart and later regretted it.  He asked Reckless to clone Brianne so he can make amends to girly!Brianne.  So far though, he hasn't been able to bring himself to apologize to Divine.

No costumes!

Because I was lazy.  Armonia with an H.  :p

134: Bane Bernardo - Sylvester

Bane came from a well to do family and was bethrothed to Brianne.  He dated her for awhile, but his mind was always away from the confines of society.  He joined Loretta's gang and even dated her for awhile, but after she was caught by Lionel, the gang disbanded and he went back home.  He finally realized how good he had it with his old life, but when he went to apologize to Brianne, she had already sworn off all men!

No costumes!

Named after Sylvester Stallone.  :p

135: Rigel Sirius - Riess

Mr. Goody-two-shoes who gets to be so near the Lady Saint and in the Cathedral instead of being in the depths of hell.  He grew up here all his life and is really clueless about the real world.  Anis is getting his paperwork together to send him as the next exchange student to Granado Espada (Mireille being the first).

No costume currently, but when his school uniform comes in he will be shipped off to Granado Espada.

Intended to be Reißzahn (German for fang), but I changed the spelling for some reason that I do not recall now.

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