Sunday, September 27, 2015

Character Files: 142-143-144

Asoka - Kaisse Kielce - Cadet Lionel

This trio is part of the "Duplicates" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

142: Asoka - Asuna

Cruise asked Reckless to clone him Asoka.  He didn't know about the pre-existing one.

No costume, maybe if we get that Mifuyu one imported to our server...

Asusa from Sword Art Online.  (We're missing a Kirito, but I have plans...)

143: Kaisse Kielce - Czerny

Kano needs more guarding.  So another Kaisse was cloned.

No costume necessary.

Named after his father.  Or grandfather.  Or something.

144: Cadet Lionel - Leon.Scott

This Cadet Lionel suddenly showed up on a cold and rainy day.  He has no memories or anything.  Don't know if he's a Montoro creation or Reckless creation.  Ludin and Loretta are happy though.  :o

He doesn't have a costume available.

Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil.  Uhuh™

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