Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Is this The End?

Character #148 Silver Flash Lyn

Named her Kandia because she looks like Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man.  :p

Yes, regular Lyn will be Yuuia.  :p

Family Level is currently 79-34% at 148 characters*, all at HM 10-100%

*One of each character currently released, with exception of 3 Asoka, 3 Kess, 3 Viki, 2 Cadet Lionel, and 2 JD.

No plans to add more at the moment until new characters arrive.


And that's it...  I log on to do some dailies and then poof.  Since there's nobody left to level!  I'm too lazy and bored after all that Vesping... tired of looking at the black walls in SCR... turning into a mole... I don't feel like using the remaining spots to level stocks.  (Ten characters yet to be released would bring me up to 158, meaning four free spots.)

One of the long time veterans posted on the GE Forum that they are finally quitting.  They talked about goals that they kept revising, but finally they are done, no more.

I've kind of been thinking I *might* be at that point too.  My never ending goal was to max out all the/all my characters.  I've done that... I've collected all the currently available characters and even had some duplicates.  All of them have Expert stances leveled (the duplicate Kesses don't have Punisher and extra Vikis doesn't have ET; but they have Heavy Stinger and Trance Robo).  Even Bareknuckle.  LOL  (So obsessive about completing that stance.)

I used to have To Do lists of things I wanted to collect and things I needed to work on, but after revisiting them, they are quite outdated/long since completed.  I have a few Strata recipes that I want, but I'm not sure about working on Armonia.  Even if I did, everything would be at +5 because of this new upgrading system...

The only things left is maybe the costumes that I used to love to collect.  For the hell of it, I put all the costumes (that are currently available for sale in the Character Book) that I don't have under the Cut.  There are some I couldn't get and not for sale, like the Female Fighter Wedding Hair and Costume set.

Oh and get the Tigres medals, but I don't remember the last time I've been to that raid.  There's never enough people or the time is too late.  :<

Maybe I can take a look at what crystals I have for Evil Weapon.  I have unopened Paradox Spoil Boxes.  Maybe try my luck at Naraka Pieces for Strata Recipes.  Maybe get around to opening Bristia Boxes...

Blah, blah, blah...  Three months left in the year.

Costumes Wish List

Elementalist Female Water of Abyss Costume
Fighter Male Camisa de Soldado Blanc Costume
Fighter Female Valkyries Costume
Fighter Female Asupplegion Hat Hat
Fighters Ivory Bone-Framed Armor  Costume
Fighters Piernoente Hat Hat
Musketeer Male Steel Griffon Costume
Musketeer Female Phi Rasto Hat Hat
Scout Male Inviardeco Goggles Hat
Scout Male Jade Phraxi Hat Hat
Scout Female Raid Phraxi Hat Hat
Wizard Male Heart of the Imagine Costume
Wizard Male Wavy Perm Hair
Wizard Male Wild Short Hair
Wizard Female Heart of the Imagine Costume
Catherine Baby Doll Costume Costume
Claire Wind of First Costume & Hair Both
Eduardo Despair of Abyss Costume & Hair Both
Hellena Honest Heart Costume Costume
Idge Lily Costume Costume
Kurt Rougeannoir Costume & Hair Both
Mboma La Pisces Com Pwajong Costume
Mia Rainism Costume & Hair Both
Panfilo Natural Style Costume & Hair Both
Rio Bach Costume Costume
Soho Revenant Costume & Hair Both
Soso Honey Bee Costume & Auro Ohriza Hair Both
Valeria White Blossom Costume & Hair Both
Beatrice Black and White Costume Costume
Ludin Sugar Snow Hair/TOOMANY Hair
Adriana Sybis Costume & Admiral Hair Both
Kano Bloody Navy Hat Hat
Rascel Black Turban Hat
Snowflake Cherlyn Cute Army Hat/Dignified Mustasche Hat
Illusion Magician's Hat Hat
Cecile Cap of Hunter Hat
Jin Fox Mask Hat
Elizabeth Painter's Beret Hat
Snow Montoro Ice Crown Hat