Thursday, March 15, 2012


Didn't do anything today.  Not even my own Circus.  Spent the whole time in CAA.  Hopped on Illier for a tiny bit, but no Baek card and no vesping.  Didn't even create Caly or do the rest of her quests.


All I did was change the layout of the blog.



  1. The new layout is nice. :3 a bit cheesy but nice.

    I'm terribly sorry that I wasn't online yesterday to help you acquire Baek. I felt like I had to rest finally. Not feeling well at all ~_~

    1. LOL... what do you expect, I'm a girl, sometimes I will get girly. :o

      Ah, don't worry about it. I was not in the best mood yesterday so was being whiny. Hope you got some rest and feel better today. I'll be around, just drop a line on MSN. :)