Friday, March 16, 2012

Freaky Friday

How I spent my day:

1/3rd in Illier accomplishing the things listed below

1/3rd AFK in CAA with Kuro-chan; Mama Cougar is back on Team Ferra1.0 along with Laurent (Lionel) and Sonia (Ania) [needless to say she's happy to see Kuro again]

1/3rd in Orpesia doing Circus with LaRo-kun, Prison with clannies [thank you Erisia-san for watching out for me in there even though I still need a lot of practice with Felicia (Reckless)], Clan Raids [good stuff again! :D ], ToC run up to Hydrobomber [the lag made it difficult to finish and I still didn't get my quest drop!  >O ]

Roz-kun and I went off to kill Dr. Mothtein to get Baek Ho!!!

Went to Circus with Roz-kun and Mancinni-san, in which Salvatore did nothing but gain some experience and pre-veteran stance experience.  ^^;;  They were so kind to let me keep the two Lv 100 and one Veteran Chip that dropped in my Inventory from Round Robin!

Woo~ Raven Cul-de-Sac!  <3

Mission Accomplished!

Oh yeah, I was really excited I got that Elite Pulse of Steel polearm (featured here) for 10m and an Elite Noir Shield for 6m.  Ferra1.0 has never owned either of those.

Though I did end up buying a Elite Wave of Steel later in the evening in Orpesia.  I guess I'm turning in to a Rod/Staff collector too...   I collect Pistols (a must have because I love musk types), collected great swords for awhile (fruitless attempt to get something good for Geia [Asoka]), and now I'm accumulating wands.  LOL

After Circus, Roz-kun and I went to Errac Noche to see about getting the Expert Stance Quest done.  We went over to the Occulta entrance, where a Kobold Elder spawned and we didn't even have to go in Occulta.  One kill got the Diary!  \o/

Oliver (for Rozaaz) and Kerrigan (for glic) were created.  Posing here with Roz-kun.

Oli and Kerri (with Anemone & White Veil) at the bench

And this squishy one of the spoiled princess.  :P
My, what big guns you have! /shot

 All in all, I had a great time in Illier!  :D

Currently back in my CAA Pyramid
Kuro, LaRo, Ferra

I'm pooped from doing Clan Raids and ToC consecutively.  X_x
Though I very muchly enjoyed using Laurent (Lionel) and Simon (Raven) at Clan Raids.  *_*


  1. \o/ I like how your fighter is in the same stance as honors.. He's trying to fit in.. >w> Camouflage.

    I'm glad I was of use again. lmao :} If anything you can keep asking.

    1. :o I didn't notice that, but yeah, I see it! XD Blending in the scenery!

      Aww don't say "of use", say "of assistance". :D

      Thanks again, really. As of now, the next project is to get Veteran Tokens for Damaged Polish so I can get a Rosario for Emi!