Thursday, April 5, 2012

Post #75 Rollercoaster Day

Went to bed at 1:30AM.  Woke up at 4:30AM checked to see if Maintenance was over.  It was.  I logged in.  Squadded up for Cortez raid.  Attempted to warp in Lucifer Basement Storage (because I would simply get killed trying to go through the Laboratory way).  Crashed and wasted an Elemental Jewel.  We went to kill colonies and I got to use my two Master 3 Musks, which is pretty much the only part of the entire series of raids today that I enjoyed... watching my Musks on Outrage.  I miss Katia and using the shiny new Etienne.  Once that was done, Ophi-taichou told me to bring a Cannon and two for RM.  Which was a disaster since I never used Maria (Claire) in any capacity.  I think one of the vice leaders was mad at me since I couldn't even handle a gate.  More disconnection ensued* when I left to go get my usual boring team of Valentia and Ben and Nadia.  Quite frankly, I'm tired of taking these three everywhere.  I won't go further about the rest of the Cortez raid, since I've raged enough about it throughout the day (to the point where I thought about leaving the clan and quitting the game because I'm such a failure).  *Overall expenditure for attending this raid: 60m vis.  And I got nothing out of this portion of the raid.  At least the 70m Ele Jewels I paid for Clock Tower got me Lionel Character Card.

I'm just upset that this is the second time I've been able to go to Cortez raid and like the previous time, I didn't get to see it completed, even though everyone worked so hard, we were told to retreat.  I don't know when I'll get the chance to go to this thing again.  :<

PRISON UPDATE: I am now capable of killing an ogre by myself.  Nevermind that it took me the entire duration while everyone else finished their rooms and nearly killed Testo...  But at least I found a trio I'm comfortable using.  Geia, Felicia, and Nadia.  (Asoka, Reckless, and F-Scout.)   I didn't even SC once!

I'm going to spam some pics at the bottom and give Thank You's to some folks, alphabetically down my Friends List.

Alzeda-chan for supplies, and as always, being my Reckless Elsie :D
DAgouleme-san for Claire Derange Sorian Costume omg! *_*
Eollica-sama for vesping me two Experts and a Master on Illier :o
Erisia-san for... gosh so many things today I've lost count, Bounty Hunter, and especially for patiently supporting me through Lucifer Laboratory T^T
glic-san for supplies and vesping and babysitting in CAA \o/
Reiyoku-kun for general comedic relief ;3
Snowdream-kun for supplies and always being timely at Circus ^_^
Tepperin-kun for support at Cortez :)
Teriega-san for supplies and support m(_ _)m

I apologize if I have missed anyone today.  I'm running on three hours of sleep.  Orz

You can tell I didn't get enough sleep because I didn't spell correctly and missing words.

While we were breaking colony, this happened...

Phailed canon attempt

Doing Bounty Hunter Occulta with Eri-san

Eri-san leading me through LuciLab, but I'm still a walking disaster.

Hunting squid for dinner

This is my first time getting any sort of high racials and 3AR.
Too bad they're both so troll and on separate chippings.  :\

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