Sunday, March 10, 2013


Went to Lightening Door, Inside Crater Sekhmet, and Gate of Ice, got a 92e Baron Crescent (if only JD were around!) and Tonfa set.

Also went to a somewhat messy TP Rose which I died several times trying to help with WC because this squad didn't have a triple WC team...  >_>;

Tried to find Captain Capri, but missed it twice, once I crashed, and then gave up because there was red people targeting me...  I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not looking forward to when clan goes Secret Society.  This was the kind of stuff that really hurt me in my previous clan.

Started Selva quest, some of her and Eduardo's conversations were annoying... but I ended up crying a bit because I feel really sad for Selva because he doesn't remember anything still (and some other personal emotions for me as well... don't know why I'm bringing this up on this blog).

This part of the dialogue made me cry the most.

Stuck on Panfilo soup, need Great Fish and Thick Spider Meat.

Working on 28 Wheat Flour and 73 Golden Egg Fruit.
Almost there.  p( '.' )q  Ferret will accomplish this for us.

Was working on Mia/Sharon/Vincent, but after Sharon got to Level 16, team was too slow because Vincent is working on ET.  I removed him for now, and threw in Panfilo to work on Bloody Feast.  Now the team keeps up with Sharon's demands for Royal Jelly.

A Magic Earring was crafted today, my first one (and only one).  *_*
Now I just need Magic Leather Gloves recipe to craft and complete Magic sets (minus a metal set).  (March Goals)


  1. Oh that part is really sad... because he made a promise which he couldn't stand... I felt somehow related with this, specially the restaurant part :P

    So ferr you seem to be close to get Diable :) if you need help I would gladly help you, think I have some thick spider meet, so once I'm around I will throw you a pm.


    1. Awww... :)

      Earlier in the day I was reading a chapter of a manga (Japanese comic) and lines from it were:

      "Don't ever doubt. Even if there are times when we don't know where the other is. Don't lose sight of yourself. Don't waver. Don't hesitate. If you can do that.. then... I will come back to you."

      "I will not let go of this life that easily... if I have a partner who trusts me and waits for me."

      Having read that earlier in the day, I think made Selva & Eduardo's scene even sadder for me.

      Seems like last patch and this patch there were a few sappy stories. Ion & Torsche, Grandice & Felipe, and Elisa. Now we have Selva & Eduardo. Probably mushy for male players. ^^;

      :O If you have any Thick Spider Meats to spare, even if it's just one, it would be a great help!

      See you around!