Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ferret is covered in soot!

Did so much but little time to tell it with details.  x.x

✿ Attended fifth Montoro raid
❀ Circus again with Soul Bringer, need more practice with it
✿ Did Bahia Room twice to get Sewing Boxes for Mia stance quest
❀ Duo'd Lightening Gate and got a Diamond Dragon (rifle) to add to collection \(^.^)/
✿ Obtained Fleuret Glacier Stance Book (1st day: Le Dig Scout / 2nd day: Le Dig Musk + 5 Sewing Boxes / 3rd day: 5 Sewing Boxes + Elementalist Rob Costumes/Clara Mago Costume/Le Blanc Costume)  Was lucky I had the first two from Costume Boxes, but Le Blanc is a Rank 1 costume I had to buy recipe and craft.  Added to Tracker.
❀ Made one Panfilo Soup (for Claude)

✿ Clicked webpage 435 times for Playtime Event, got a Ralph Character Card \(^.^)/
❀ Crow with Alicia (Grandice) and Tania (Brunie)  Yes, I call her Grandice instead of Grandies, because Grenmah will always be Grenmah to me and not Grandice!
✿ Finished Natalie/Daria quest (But didn't to start any other quests...)
❀ Crafted Platinum Controller  It came out +4 2S because of Blue Crane buff, also, some chips after, got Summons +2 because of Blue Crane buff too  <3  \(^.^)/
✿ Made three Panfilo Soup (for Brunie, Grace, & Raven)  Unfortunately, favor rate is at 50/100.  I'm so screwed...  I also forgot that ICP uses Diable too, so this actually makes it 45 stances I'm getting...
❀ Clan Raids with Alicia and Tania
✿ TP Rose, Cortes, Nephtys (Switched Alicia out with Octavia [Cathy INT] for the latter two)
❀ Bounty Hunter
✿ Circus, doing better with Soul Bringer
Prepping for Bristia... farming, farming, farming Bulk Coal...  (Hence, a sooty Ferret.)

Counting down to Bristia!  Each day I will reveal a name for a new character.

Today's character - Barrel shall be Leopold

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