Sunday, March 3, 2013

No use crying over spilled soup!

Finished Grace, Selva, and Raven sub-quests that will be continued in Bristia.
I still have Brunie, Najib, Romina, Cruise, Master Guardian, and Billy "Select" quests to complete.
Didn't make any soup today for Panfilo.  And didn't start anything for Viki.

Natalie finished Flintlock.  Now Cathy STR is Lv 20 Brandish Arm, Najib Lv 20 Sniper (he looks funny when he's laying on the floor and getting hit by mobs), and Daria on Lv 16 Flintlock.

The ones left to be worked on: Cathy SUM Puppet Master, Tora Dark Avenger, Mia Fleuret Glacier, Sharon Trikinesis, and Vincent ET (started this a bit).

From Selva's sub-quest, after beating up Sharon.

Did the weekendies.  Went to TP Rose and Cortes.  And even went to two consecutive ToCs.  I don't like this raid.  I still get junk.  Like two vegetables (Seeds of Rafflesia which looks like broccoli and Siren Scale which looks like corn) from a Gold chest.

Count down to Bristia!  Today's character - Marchetti shall be Robin

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