Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ferret's Carrots

Today was pretty much the repeat of yesterday in terms of doing things with the Clan, the three TPs and Clock Tower.

This time I went as Viki to show him Steamer on Floor 2.  Now I have to go to Floors 1 & 2 again to get mob kill quest drops before I can go to Floor 13.  Viki didn't die as much as I thought he would.  Mostly just when he was trying to ET people and they moved causing Viki to run into blades.  Ouchers!  Viki did his role as RMer at Floor 13.  He got smashed a few times by the stomping clone Autobarons, but was quickly ressed.  According to this guide, it looks like I have to go to CT four more times.  Floors 1 & 2 (mob kills), Floor 13 (as Viki), Floors 1 & 2 (mob kills), and Floors 1 & 2 (mob kills).  Two more weekends I guess until I have Trance Robo.

I forgot to mention (or maybe already mentioned? losing track of things) some characters were promoted to Master.  Tobias (Vincent), Octavia (Cathy INT), Tania (Brunie), and Marcelo (Panfilo).  Working on Sofia (Mia) and Matthias (Jack) next while leveling Juan (Yeganeh)'s stance.

Must... get... Marchetti... and Heyran... so I can level them too...!


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