Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Red Bean Mochi

Not a whole lot of new stuff since the other day.  Though I wouldn't mind another ToC tanking adventure.  XD

Crafted Cobra ring, aiming for a second!  Paired it with the Drunken ring and Leopold's (Barrol) doing well, might be the next one to get to High Master.  (He needs a costume...)  Have the complete set for Distortion Cube but no plans to craft it.  :p

Promoted Shane (Liung) to Master!  Slow poke!  Tried him at TPs but couldn't get Shock to land, though he landed Gravitation.  And now back to my regularly scheduled* leveling of trios to Master.  Current victims trios: Alexia (Romina), Natalia (Soso), and Bruno (Irawain).
*I'm not kidding about regularly scheduled; I literally have a schedule.  o.o!

Took Delia (Ludin) and Francois (Ion) to ToC.  It's so nice to see him in that costume.  I'm weird...  I can't stand his blue hair because it looks unnatural (same with Daria and Natalie) and his original clothing looks tattered like he's a pauper.  D:  The blonde hair looks funny with the original outfit and the new costume looks funny with the blue hair.  When I get around to it, I should bring Torsche out with her Belle De Jour set and pose her next to him.  Her hair makes me think of Gwen Stefani and the coloring on the dress...   >.<;  I'm hard to please when it comes to costumes?  ^.^;

Also bought a Grace Summer Hair.  >_>;  It was decently priced.  There's a decently priced matching costume, but... I'm keeping an eye out for something related to crafting instead, so will have to pass on the costume.  :x  I hope I don't end up with the opposite of buyer's remorse.  Always think, "I'll buy it when the price goes down."  Chances are it doesn't go down and worse, it never comes back!  T.T  Still... the little piece of hair makes me happy.  Because I think it's pretty.  ^.^

Now I'm finally going to get around to posting Joey's Magic Bean adventure.  But since it's been awhile, I don't remember what it dropped.  There were White Gold Bars...  Level 33 Melee Crystals...  Rumins...  I didn't get around fast enough and the Giant woke up.  I should have started off by turning on Shirley (Pigling).

 Magic Bean planted by accident... wasn't paying attention to the seeds in Inventory.

 Was a bit disappointed, I really wanted to see Joey actually climb up that bean stalk!  XD

You get five minutes to click on the boxes.  I had Romecio (Coco) out at the time.

Maybe next time I'll post my lovely pets.  <3
(Thank you.  You know who you are.)

JosephDominic: Unhand me
I'm a ferret... I don't have hands.  Perhaps you mean "unpaw" you?
JosephDominic: -.-'

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