Sunday, September 22, 2013

Under the Full Moon

So far have attended another Tigres Prison raid, but fifth floor is a bit tough.  We'll have to make another attempt!  p( '.' )q

Reached 8000 Back Alley Poor Favor Rate!  :D

Have yet to try exchanging to see if rate has gotten better.  I calculated that if I get my 50 points a day I'll be able to reach 10000 by November 1st, but I think it's more reasonable to say November 7th in case of not getting 50 favors a day.  ^.^;

Also, it's been since January that I took a look at my medal counts!  :o  Ninety-Eight!

Will get a few more when we get through more Tigres floors!  :)

By the way, new Blog Guardian!!!  Click please!  :D


  1. Wowow, look at those medals! *w* That's the most I've ever seen.

    Good luck with your favorrates too!

  2. I'm sure there is someone out there with way more! :o I'll just be happy when I reach 100. ^.^