Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dragon Tears & Crunch Bars

Kielce Back Alley Poor favor rate goal was completed on schedule!  \(^.^)/


The rest of the favor rates look like this:

I don't plan to keep doing all five BAPs (Victor, Daniel, Rica, Simon, Ork) anymore, but I think I will continue with Ork books until he gives me a Richard's Holy Sword, which is the last page I need for a second Encyclopedia, since I don't want to pay four Elemental Jewels for it.

I will likely to keep up with Elizabeth painting, Serena bad boy, and John flyers for vis.  And maybe Jeremy/Cain dangerous delivery.  I probably should focus on Durant research because Silk, Soft Cotton Yarn, and Royal Insignia are pricey (the other mats are good to have too).

You can tell I don't do much with Laboratory, I got lazy about doing Kelly dark water.  I only do William government stuff from time to time.  I haven't done Anthony/Scott mop pirates in ages.

Status update from last month's "goals":

~I'm down to the last seven to reach Masters.  Family level is getting close to 60.

~TP Neph crystals haven't reached 300.  >_>;

~Still keeping eye out for a Dragon Shield to complete my Dragon collection!  D:

~Haven't gone to Bahia Room in awhile, so no new-old costumes for collection.

~Taking a break from the Farm.
Crops Lv 5 ~ 140/700
Fish Trap Lv 4 ~ 149/300
Fishing Lv 1 ~ 3/100
Weed Lv 3 ~ 728/1000
Hunting Lv 1 ~ 173/200

~New: Working on two projects, one of them near completion and the other is 80% done.  Looking forward to finishing them!  ^.^  Planning a third, but going to need vis for it.

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