Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#575: Defense Against Fields of Ice & Snow

Semi Celebratory post!  It's #575 and also four more months until June 19th, the four year anniversary of my playing this game!!!

*Recruited Sierra (posted on tracker), she's so cute floating on her broom!  :D

What a sweetie!

Some screencaps of twins.  ;3

Sabrinia and MOMO* look like they are sharing a childish secret smiling like ^_^

*Crafted Elite Black Rose!  Now need Essence of Purity, Moon Pieces, Soft Cotton Yarn, and Peace Insignia for next Artifact.

*Mass promoted fifteen characters to Master.  Partially due to laziness and partially due to lack of Shiny Crystals.  :p  Three are slotted to be promoted.

*Currently at thirty-five High Masters (well, the former HMs, now that you can go to 125).  Reneia (Heyran) is up next.

*Reached 1,000 on Farm's Weeding! :o

*Crafted Ogre Polearm, sadly, no more Ogre recipes (or any Werewolf recipes).

And here is a teaser for upcoming posts...

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