Friday, August 14, 2015

Character Files: 010-011-012

Reckless Emilia - Valeria - Mia Karjalian

This trio is part of the "Support" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

010: Reckless Emilia - Felicia

Reckless' recruitment quest was a pain back then.  A clannie even lent me their gears so I could do it!  Gertrude pretty much passed out on the first zap (useless!).  But she was a lot of fun to take to clan raids, I was usually one of two that would bring her to the Curse of Red Sunset Forest to get rid of those little Fordoi or Vordoi (it's been awhile I can't remember which of those little monsters are actually in the raid).  Watching the dots splatter...!  Felicia is the night time alter ego to Stella (Emilia the Sage).  She shows up at night and does all kinds of reckless things that would be censored on this blog!  The next morning Stella won't remember what she's done at night and vice versa, Felicia doesn't remember what Stella does during the day, although she does always find herself waking up in Emilia's Institute.

The Black Vency costume was obtained during Charles' Fab Event and is non-tradable.  I actually like it less than the original clothing she wears and even the Violeta looks better.  I don't even have a hair to go with it!  She looks like she's been channeling Queen Hamann.

She just looked like a Felicia to me!

011: Valeria - Lucrecia

Valeria's quest was horrid back when it first came out, those Orges.  So what happened to that scantily clad teenage girl?  After we recruited her, she didn't look a bit like how she was hanging up there in the Prison in chains (looked like she was in her early 20's)!  Lucrecia is a giggly girl without much care in the world, her elder sister is the responsible one, so Lucrecia could pretty much do anything she wanted.  She's completely clueless that Marchetti likes here (albeit for scientific reasons), but she enjoys showing her Innocentio skill to him.  This isn't the first time someone wanted to experiment with her though...  Let's just say that's a story for another time and is related to some reckless doings...

I call the Pigeonne the cushion costume... she looks like she's wrapped up in quilts.

Her name is based off Lucrezia Borgia (a real historical person) from a manga called Cantarella.  In the manga Lucrezia comes off as an innocent girl, but the real historical Lucrezia is shady.  I just picked this name because of the character design in the manga, but somehow it later became rather fitting when Vendetta Valeria came out.  The darkened Valeria shady like the real Lucrezia!

012: Mia Karjalain - Sofia

Recruiting Mia is the only reason I would create an Andre, otherwise he would stay in card form...  I don't use her in anything...!  D:  Which is kind of sad considering her Expert Stance quest was annoying.  Nadia (Female Scout) used to work in her clothing workshop before opening her own clothing store, so you can say that Sofia is her sensei!  (I think there was something in the Granado Espada newspaper a few years back about a copyright infringement lawsuit between Sofia and Nadia, I vaguely remember the two of them ended up settling things out of court.  They are believed to be on good terms now.)

Luxurious Disciple is another pink costume that I rather like despite being pink.  It fits her quite well!

I don't remember the reasoning behind her name selection (as with many older characters), but I do recall it was either between spelled Sophia or Sofia, and I ended with the latter because it looked more unique.

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