Thursday, August 13, 2015

Character Files: 007-008-009

Catherine INT - Female Wizard - Male Wizard

This trio is part of the "Support" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

007: Catherine INT - Octavia

Catherine INT is the second Cathy robot I got, the first one being the Summoner.  Originally I wasn't going to get more than one because I thought design wise, they all look the same, so it was almost like having quadruple to get all four of them.  But they eventually got unique Expert stances so I recruited them all from alt accounts.  I even went so far as getting all the Stance books buy questing - this was before they were purchasable with Promotion Scrolls.  Did this so many times that I actually wrote one of the few guides on my blog for this quest. Apparently the guide is quite popular, currently has 7680 visits and is my highest ranking post.  Octavia is located in the front quarters because I used to take her on quests, but now she kinda needs some oiling in the joints.  I used to like using Elementalist types, but they eat too much Ancient Star Orbs, which at some periods were not as easy to obtain, so I went for using ranged types and paying vis for the bullets instead.  (I try to think of myself as being frugal...)  She used to be paired with Francois (Ion) when I went duo Ele.

Octavia looks leafy elf in her La Sensation Amicale costume!

I don't particularly recall why I named this one Octavia, but all four Catherine robots including the real Torsche herself have names of female characters from William Shakespeare's plays.

008: Female Wizard - Casandria

Casie is Merc's younger sister.  She was doted on by their mother, whom dressed her up very elegantly.  She is a big sweetheart (has many admirers) and is not afraid to talk to people, even as far as speaking to Baron Kurt like he was a commoner!  Merc and Casie are currently under the tutelage of Emilia (at the Institute) to improve their Whole Cancellation skills.

The Scarlet Belle costume with Wave Curl definitely makes her the elegant lady I pictured in mind.  The hair didn't become available until we started in T3Fun.

Her name was originally supposed to be Cassiopeia, as in the constellation, but I decided to change it to Cassandria.  UNFORTUNATELY, the word "ass" was censored, so I had to take one "s" out...

009: Male Wizard - Mercurcio

Merc is very stoic and intelligent.  He has a very calm demeanor and a comforting smile.  His mother really wanted a daughter and would dress him up a lot growing up.  He was secretly glad to leave home when he came of age.  He witnessed Ben's (Male Elementalist) break up with Flavia (Female Fighter) and was there to console her.

The Male Wizard finally got a nice costume (Merc's mother dressed him up in a lot of gaudy stuff...): Capitaine Costume, Hair, and Monocle set looks so classy!!!

His name is a variation of Mercutio, who is Romeo's friend in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo & Juliet.


  1. Poor wizard man. :D Had to deal with all the pimpin clothes. aaa

    1. LOL... he had some of the worse costumes, I swear. x_x