Sunday, August 23, 2015

Character Files: 037-038-039

Najib Sharif - Jose Cortasar - Claire

This trio is part of the "Other" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

037: Najib Sharif - Omar

Not much is known about him, he mostly keeps to himself, but he does assist Rascel when the prince calls him for help.  :o  Mysterious!

Does wearing at Sultan costume make him royalty?

I don't know why I named him Omar, just popped up from somewhere.  I have a chipmunk in the backyard with a battle scar whom I named Najib though.  /random

038: Jose Cortasar - Salazar

Sometimes I think Jose is too over qualified just to be a guard at the edge of Coimbra.  But maybe he prefers this, since he took an early retirement from the front lines.

They should make another costume than the Kalid Armor for Jose.

Name came from Harry Potter.  ^^;;

039: Claire - Maria

Baby Claire is stronger than the brats, she actually uses a greatsword instead of a main gauche.  She grew up quickly without a mama.  Since she can carry a cannon... we all know how strong she becomes as a teenager.  There's a lot of admirers and fan clubs, but nobody dares come near here because Papa Claude gives them an evil eye.

The last costume I ever got her was De L'ange Souriant, it's cute.  And it's blue.

Maria just looks like a Maria!

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