Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Character Files: 088-089-090

Heiran - JD - Kano Kielce

This trio is part of the "Kielce" Characters grouping in my Quarters.

088: Heiran - Reneia

When she's off duty from her bar, she hangs out with Veil, not because they are an item or anything.  Rather they check out the ladies together.  :o  Despite this though, her heart belongs to Grace!

I don't care much about her costume, I like the gloves in her original costume.

Named after Rene Russo.

089: JD - Joseph Dominic

JD has a big brother complex, even though Kano isn't his sister at all.  JD is my favorite.  I'm not permitted to say more than this because he's holding his greatsword at my neck (equals ferrety death if I say more!)  He especially doesn't like me calling him Joey.  Read about it here.

The Cape Pattern was only given to... a few people maybe two to five?  It was some Facebook Event waaay back when we first transferred to T3Fun.  I never saw it on anyone's JD until, ironically, the character recruitment event came out and then everyone had an opportunity to get it.  :p  He looks smashing in it!

He is the only character to have two names in his name, because he's JD.  I thought Joseph Dominic sounded charismatic enough!  (However, I later got a second Cadet Lionel from the Crystal Hogger Event, and that one has two names in his name...)

090: Kano Kielce - Chelsia

She cost 100m to recruit.  Like really, why are little kids so demanding?  Just because real kids in real life are expensive to raise, doesn't mean they have to be expensive to recruit in a game!  (She's now 30m to recruit.)

Little Princess because she's the little princess of the Kielce house.  And JD's little princess.  :o!

Named after a city I pass on the way home from work.  :p

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