Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lovely Ladies of Summer

A few updates since last time and then regarding the post title.  ^.^

Made attempt at Naraka Alchemy...  Of the nineteen pieces I put in, I got seven for a 36.8% exchange rate.  :x

Some costumes became available for sale by Feso.  Buckled down and spent 300k on Adriana's glasses.  T.T  So ridiculous, she should come with them in the first place!!!  Her icon has it afterall!

Recruited Veil and Kaisse on patch day (the seven Elemental Jewels were very T.T and I had help with the Pure Otites <3).  Veil is named Maximilian and Kaisse is named Constantin.  (Updated Character Card/Stance Book post.)

Some screencaps from the quests.

JD faces off Kaisse.

The Zeppelin!!!

 The fighter was used to represent our family.
(Nice costume!)

Went on two Tigres Prison raids!  :o  We made it to fourth floor so far.  Someday... when we make it to the ninth floor... for...  Heavy Stinger Stance Book?!  Still need Punisher for Constantin.

Now, onward to the Lovely Ladies of Summer!  There's a Rosa Event at Bahia.  The rewards consist of Summer Hair and Costumes for Grandies, Beatrice, and Marie.  I used alts and grabbed the sets for Grandies and Beatrice.  (Marie's is not tradeable.)  Then I got myself the Bahia Mascot Medal which gives HP +1.  I will get two more.  :o

The initial quest is buying a Small Watermelon for Rosa.  Then the next day you get a different quest.  So far I have seen five different quests.

✿ Bahia Defensive Operations ~ You have to defend the colony from six waves of Level 130* mobs, after the fourth wave, the Martial Arts boys (a.k.a. Gertrude, Gracielo, Baek Ho, and Irawain) show up and assist you.  *Level of mobs is based on the team you use during the combat.
❀ Test of Rosa ~ You have to beat up the MA boys, they are Level 120*.  *Level of MAs are based on the team you use during the combat.
✿ Cleaning the Tourist Spot ~ Kill 15 Rusty Zealot, 15 Vedanobah, and 15 Hell Hound in Al Quelt Moreza Nartex.
❀ Dish for Stamina Recovery ~ Buy 1 Frozen Marlin from girl in Outside Bahia and 1 Emmenthal Cheese and 1 Silken Tofu from lady in Port of Coimbra.
✿ Local Products War ~ Buy 1 Ferruccio Milk and 1 Chocolate from lady in Port of Coimbra and Lisa, respectively.

To be updated if more to come...

Here are the Lovely Ladies of Summer!

Grandies' ponytail is a bit odd to me.
♥ ♡ Marie ♥ ♡
Beatrice is too smexy.  (Garter, really?)
Reminds me of Female Scout's bikini.
Ah!  I should screencap stock character swimsuits too!

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